Late summer breeze in Mallorca

The Mediterranean is fantastically beautiful in the autumn,
the lights are still warm but just slightly bringing in some hints of cold. The mornings are fresh and delightful,

The Mediterranean is fantastically beautiful in the autumn,

the lights are still warm but just slightly bringing in some hints of cold. The mornings are fresh and delightful, having an excellent espresso in the morning mist in the garden under the orange trees, that’s what I had on my trip to Mallorca and more precisely in Biniaraix.

My first trip to Mallorca,

never been to any of the Balearic islands before…… And my impressions where far better than my prejudices…… I think a good time to avoid big crowds of people is late in the autumn and the weather is still fantastic. You see the island from a different perspective, you see the nature and the beautiful small towns and villages, you get a sense of the Mallorcan way of life.

I arrived in the evening with not a breeze but a slight chill and some rain, grabbed a taxi and headed up to Sòller, where my friend and I had a very casual supper at the local café. Then we walked home a few kilometres to Biniaraix. Quite tired I went to bed and woke up the next morning with a lovely light coming trough the curtains.

It was quite chilly in the morning but frankly so refreshing, I put on a good sweater and went out in the garden with my coffee. I spent the morning contemplating the beauty of this garden. Later that day we went for a walk up to the village named Fornalutx, wandered around the olive gardens and got a bit of exercise up and down the hills.

The following day I went to Palma,

of course, we took the century old train from the station in Sòller, it took us about an hour, the first part of the trip is lovely because you travel through hills and valleys and it’s gorgeous, then you end up in the flatlands, with industries, the feeling of dull suburbs, but it transforms soon in to this pretty town, when you’re arriving straight in the centre of Palma. We first had a coffee at the place called Cappuccino, then we ended up in a fantastic market, Mercat de L’Olivar, beautiful foods everywhere! We started our day with sushi and sake and went on to cava and oysters, delicious….. Around noon I was tipsy, strolling through small and narrow streets of Palma, visited the ancient palace, Palacio Real de la Almundaina and there another day had flown by.

The remaining days of my visit to the island,

I spent relaxing in Biniaraix and short trips to Valdemossa and Deià, the Real Cartuja in Valdemossa is a must, not just because of Chopin but because of its beauty. The charterhouse was founded as a royal residence and later converted into a monastery of the Carthusian order. The monastery existed from 1399 until its secularisation in 1835.

The monastery is a museum today, consisting of the main church which is still in use, the old pharmacy, various cells and rooms of the prior and the monks, the former library, dining room, garden, as well as the cells No. 2 and No. 4 of the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin in 1838 to 1839, and the French writer George Sand.

My last day, my friend and I walked to the village of Biniabassi, a slight rain started and when we reached Sòller at lunch time, it was pouring down.

I will surely visit Mallorca soon again and the beautiful places like Biniaraix, Fornalutx, Biniabassi & Sòller.


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The garden now has three cherry trees, two peach trees and two pear trees so I think you need to come back and take some more photos!

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