“Koh Munnork” A Possible Paradise close to Bangkok?

“Koh Munnork” A Possible Paradise close to Bangkok?

Perhaps I have finally found the perfect get-away

for a long weekend away from noisy Bangkok?  3 hours drive from Bangkok to Rayong, then just hop on a boat which will take approximately 45 minutes to a desert island. There’s only one resort and that’s it!

Nice white beach, lovely water and pretty bamboo huts all along the beach where you can be sheltered from the sun and heat, relax, read a book, or just contemplate the view and sip on a great juice, like my favourite: watermelon.

It’s so quiet that you can just listen to the ocean, not much boat traffic, which is heaven! Paradise in Thailand has, unfortunately, become an endless noise of tourists and those “bloody” boats going up and down the whole “bloody” day…… AND THEY ARE UNBEARABLY NOISY!

Today, for me luxury is not a fancy bungalow with an extraordinary spa when I go on holiday, it is silence.

camilla davidsson
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