Vacationing in Biniaraix village, Mallorca

This time around my visit was mainly about enjoying the company of my friends, the beautiful surroundings, this gorgeous house with an enchanting garden. Lazying around the pool so pretty with its lovely flower trees, basically hanging over the pool making it a lush and protected small piece of heaven.

Five years since my last visit to this beautiful village named Biniaraix and I feel mesmerised every time.

This time around my visit was mainly about enjoying my friends’ company, the beautiful surroundings and this gorgeous house with an enchanting garden. Lazying around by the pool, so pretty with its lovely flower trees, making it a lush and protected little piece of heaven.

My idea for this holiday

was to sleep, in my “Turkish” room, read my book under the pergola and enjoying the foods and the drinks. You see, my hosts are probably some of the best… there’s always good food around and with an extraordinary cellar! What more could one ask for?

Their garden includes a vegetable and fruit garden as well,

many things grow marvellously well in this type of climate. Waking up in the morning getting your freshly brewed coffee and a freshly pressed grapefruit juice from the sweetest ones I have ever had!! For the meals; you have your vegetables delightedly prepared and some superb salad with sun-kissed tomatoes. This is very much the most beautiful and sustainable way of living I think!

I did eventually

make it out of the house and out of the garden for a bit of walking in the surroundings of Biniaraix. A lovely and slow stroll down to the centre of Sóller and one day we made the beautiful trip by train from Sóller to Palma.

On our last day of stay in Mallorca,

we took the scenic drive through the extraordinary landscapes of hills and mountains up to the North coast around Alcúdia. We had decided to visit the beautiful foundation, Sa Bassa Blanca. It took us about 2 hours, travelling through the winding roads. So definitely worth it!

Arriving at the foundation,

we almost didn’t make it! because of the guided group had just left and there’s no possibility to visit the house on your own. But the very friendly staff were able to hook us up with the group, while they had already started. It would have been such a pity to miss this stunning place. The house itself is a piece of architectural art and their collection is extensive and with tremendous taste.

The Foundation was established in 1993 by the couple formed by artists and collectors, Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu and philanthropist Georges Coulon Karlweis. In that year a former underground cistern of the Sa Bassa Blanca property was transformed to accommodate a unique collection of children’s portraits from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

In 1995, Sa Bassa Blanca received the first visits of groups connected to the world of art and culture, and finally in January 2001 it was opened permanently to the public in general. Visits to the “Nins” space, rose garden and Sculpture Park, so characteristic of the Foundation, combine the enjoyment of art with nature.

Please, read the full article here from the museums’ own website.

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