Khao Sok monsoon trip & cooking class at Rungfah Farm Stay

Cheow Lan Lake

This summer during the rainy season, monsoon,

we stayed in Thailand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Something we’ve never done before, over our 14 years living in Thailand. And yes it rained quite a bit during our stay in Surat Thani. But in between showers, we were able to visit these beautiful surroundings of the Khao Sok National Park. And cook some gorgeous food at Rungfah Farm Stay, and also enjoying our time at the Anurak Lodge.

During my years in Thailand,

I have tried a few cooking classes already, but never together with my family. Food is such an extraordinary thing to gather around. It gives people a sense of belonging and the pure joy of sharing and not just to share a meal. But also cooking together as part of that real pleasure. This was the perfect family activity for us. I also wanted to share a true moment all of us together. Especially before our son was heading off to university.

Khun P’Yoo and his wife,

a very charming couple, run this gorgeous organic farm. They picked us up at the lodge and when we arrived, we started with walking around the grounds. Cutting and collecting the herbs, the bamboo shoots etc. Which we were going to use for the cooking. Making our own coconut milk from scratch, but we didn’t kill the chicken, Thank heaven! We only collected the eggs from both chicken and duck.

We cooked several dishes,

including a “Phat Krapaow moo”, stir-fried pork with basil. Green curry with chicken, banana blossom tempura(deep-fried). And we cooked the rice in an old-fashioned way, inside the bamboo stem. So delicious!

Their youngest daughter joined us after school and she was very keen to talk to us and to show us around. I very highly recommend a visit to Rungfah Farm Stay if you’re coming this way. A very genuine way of meeting the locals and they were very kind and welcoming. They also run a hostel. So if you’d like, you could also stay over the night here. In their rustic, yet beautiful bamboo huts and I can tell you, it’s a really great deal.

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